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Typical Reasons for Being Pulled Over

Typical Driving Patterns of Impaired Drivers:

Connecticut Police Officers are trained to look for these specific patterns and driving behaviors as indicators of impaired driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s DWI-DUI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Manual identifies twenty-seven specific driving patterns and behaviors as traits and indicators of drunk and impaired drivers. Avoiding these patterns will help minimize your chances of coming under suspicion for DUI:

  1. Turning with a wide radius
  2. Straddling center or lane marker
  3. Appearing to be intoxicated
  4. Eye fixation
  5. Tightly gripping the steering wheel
  6. Slouching in the seat
  7. Gesturing erratically or obscenely
  8. Face close to the windshield
  9. Drinking in the vehicle
  10. Driver’s head protruding from the vehicle
  11. Almost striking object or vehicle
  12. Weaving
  13. Driving on other than designated roadway
  14. Swerving
  15. Speed slower than 10 mph below limit
  16. Stopping in lane for no apparent reason
  17. Following too closely
  18. Drifting
  19. Tires on center or lane marker
  20. Braking erratically
  21. Driving into opposing or crossing traffic
  22. Slow response to traffic signals
  23. Signaling inconsistent with driving actions
  24. Stopping inappropriately (other than in a traffic lane)
  25. Turning abruptly or illegally
  26. Accelerating or decelerating rapidly
  27. Headlights off at night

Inoperative or Defective Vehicle Equipment:

Prior to driving your car, to make a routine check of your:

  • brake lights,
  • head lights,
  • license plate lights, and
  • turn signals.

Obey All Traffic Laws and Speed Limits:

Come to full and complete stops rather than California ( rolling ) stops.   Avoid driving more than 10 miles per hour above or below the speed limit.

Driving During Specific Hours:

After 12 a. m. be especially cautious.  Connecticut Police Officers avidly scan the roadways for late night drivers whom they suspect of being intoxicated and impaired.

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