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Connecticut Third Offense DUI Penalties

Connecticut Laws take drunk driving very seriously and the penalties become even more severe for a third offense DUI.  The same penalties imposed for a first offense are imposed for a third offense, but they are much more severe in degree.  The same discretion that the judge had to be lenient in a first offense DUI is given to the judge, in sentencing, to determine what the exact sentence will be.  The used against the defendant who has been convicted of a third offense DUI.  However, when facing a 3rd Offense DUI charge in Connecticut the defendant is facing PERMANENT REVOCATION of their license.

Given the large amount of discretion given to the prosecutors and judges, it is vitally important that you contact a skilled Connecticut Drunk Driving Lawyer who will be able to evaluate the facts of your case, explain to you how the case will be treated, and describe for you the penalties you will likely face if found guilty.

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Under Connecticut’s Criminal Law, if a driver is convicted of a Third Offense DUI then the following penalties must be imposed:

Third Offense DUI Penalties* within 10 years of last conviction

  • Fine of Two Thousand ($2,000) to Eight Thousand ($8,000) Dollars
  • Jail:
    • Three (3) Years Jail with 1 Year Mandatory Minimum and 100 Hours of Community Service
  • License Suspension:
    • PERMANENT REVOCATION – however, the individual may request a hearing after at least six (6) years after date of revocation

Restoration Requirements – 3rd Offense DUI

  • Operator’s License is PERMANENTLY REVOKED, however, the individual may request a hearing after at least six (6) years after the date of revocation